Meow Greens

Did you know your cat should actually be eating grass as part of their diet, even if it makes them regurgitate it!?

Much like mother's milk, the juices in grass contain folic acid. This is an essential vitamin for a cat's bodily functions and assists in the production of hemoglobin, the protein that moves oxygen in the blood. Think of it as a wheat grass shake for your kitty (let's hope they like it more than you do).

  • Control the quality of your cat's grass
  • Ensure your cat's grass is fresh
  • Cheaper than store bought grass

Love your cat with fresh Meow Greens Today!

WAS $30.00 NOW $24.99

Bring the outdoors, indoors with your own Ready, Set, Grow! Meow Greens grow kit!  

Easy kit will have your cat feasting in 7-10 days!

This custom blend of wheat, barley, oats and rye allow a variety of grasses to grow for your cat. Catgrass is grown to aid cats in digestion. This mixture is certified organic and GMO Free. Each package will include a super fun mouse cat toy which your cat is sure to love. 

You kit includes:

Reuseable Bamboo dish

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Decomposable 
  • Purrfect size 

Two sets of seeds:

  • Purrfectly measured for best growth
  • Selection of Wheat Grass, Rye Grass, Barley Grass and Oat Grasses for best digestion
  • Certified Organic and GMO Free

Soil for two crops

Cat toy included with each kit!

Additional seeds/soil available for purchase

Why do cats eat grass?

This is surely the first thing you're wondering. The truth is that there are several reasons, but all are related to the health of your cat, so they are very important:

  • It is a supplement for their diet. The juice from grass contains folic acid which is beneficial for the development of the cat and increases oxygen in the blood. Of course, if your cat eats too much grass, it could be a sign that their diet is deficient in something and it looks for other means of supplying these extra nutrients.
  • It has laxative properties so it can really help your cat maintain regular bowel movements which is particularly important if there is anything obstructing their intestines, such as food or even hairballs. This can be very troublesome for them and can be so bad as to change their character, making them more aggressive. Grass is very important for them in this sense. Health conditions such as constipation are only really noticeable to humans when the problem has already deteriorated quite considerably. So, if grass is readily available to your cat, it can solve the problem as soon as it arises.
  • It cleans the stomach, i.e. it helps them purge. What cats do is consume grass and then vomit. Why? Because the grass in their stomach makes it easier for them to vomit and to expel that what was causing stomach problems. Through grass, the cat can remove food debris, hair, feathers, bones or even parasites that may cause more severe damage in the future.

Add extra crops and pay no entra Shipping!

Your Meow Greens "Ready, Set, Grow!" kit comes with soil and seeds for two crops of healthy Meow Greens.  

Your cat will crave this life giving gift, so purchase extra seeds and soil today to avoid paying shipping when you need more seeds for your next grow!

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