READY, SET, GROW! Standard Kit

We are on a mission to empower and educate people on how to grow nutrient rich, delicious and economical food.

  • Microgreens are upto 40% more nutricious than the mature plant
  • Create food security for you and your family
  • Fun and easy to grow- ready to harvest in just 7 days!

Start your microgreens journey TODAY!

WAS $40.99 NOW $34.99

Not everyone has a Green Thumb, but everyone has a MICROGREEN Thumb!

We have designed your microgreen kit for easy and success.  Sow your seeds and put a cup of water under the white tray once a day... it really is that easy!  In 7 days your microgreens are ready to start eating!  The freshest farm to table experience available.

Standard Kit

Was $40.99 Now Only $34.99

Included in this kit:

3 Sets of Seeds

  • Hand selected for the ease of growing, their taste, and their high nutrient density
  • Non-gmo, organic and heritage when available
  • Tested in a lab for pathegons and germination rate
  • Selection of crops for the beginning microgreens farmer
  • Labratory teasted for pathegons and germination rate
  • Seed variety includes: Salad Mix, Broccoli, and Kale

3 Coco Coir Grow Medium

  • ORMI certified 
  • Testing of various coco coirs completed to provide you with the best grow medium available

1 Microgreens planter

  • Designed to allow for bottom watering after germination to reduce chances of mold
  • Attractive design 
  • Made from BPA Free PP Material


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