READY, SET, GROW! Deluxe Kit

The Deluxe Kit is definitely the best value with two trays, allowing you two eat off one tray while the second tray is growing (This way you are not waiting a week for your microgreens to grow!).  You also will receive double the number of crops to grow.

  • Microgreens are upto 40% more nutricious than the mature plant
  • Create food security for you and your family
  • Fun and easy to grow- ready to harvest in just 7 days!

Start your microgreens journey TODAY!

WAS $59.00 NOW $49.99

Not everyone has a Green Thumb, but everyone has a MICROGREEN Thumb!

We have designed your microgreen kit for easy and success.  Sow your seeds and put a cup of water under the white tray once a day... it really is that easy!  In 7 days your microgreens are ready to start eating!  The freshest farm to table experience available.

Included in this kit:

6 Sets of Seeds

  • Hand selected for the ease of growing, taste, and high nutrient density
  • Seeds are Non-gmo, organic and lab tested for pathogens and germination rate
  • Selection of crops for the beginning microgreens farmer
  • Seed variety includes: Salad Mix, Broccoli, Mustard, Kale, Turnip and Cabbage

6 Grow Medium- 4 Coco Coir and 2 Jute Mat 

  • ORMI certified 

2 Microgreens planter trays

  • Designed to allow for bottom watering after germination to reduce chances of mold
  • Microgreens are ready to harvest in 7-8 days.  
  • Two trays allow you stagger your plantings every 4 days so you always have microgreens available
  • Attractive design 
  • Made from BPA Free PP Material

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